Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

(click on the card for a direct link to all of the fun at MouseScrappers!)

So we moderators (and a few helpers) have been busy busy busy putting together an awesome 2nd birthday celebration for MouseScrappers.  It's four weeks of fun, starting with a week long chatapalooza, 3 weeks of fun party games, a week of speed scraps, all finished up with a blog hop!  

I have seen a bunch of the prizes and let me tell you this stuff is awesome!  You are gonna want to participate as much as possible because A - it will be fun and B - you will NEED these prizes!

It's been a lot of organizing, but I think it will be tons of fun for everyone who visits MouseScrappers!

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  1. I threw this up on my blog this morning as well. I am soooooo excited to start tonight!!!