Saturday, August 13, 2011

Counting Down...

Every night Hubster and I have the official countdown ceremony, usually as I am prepping dinner.

Our countdown ceremony is:  taking turns putting up the days countdown Mickey head while the other person applauds and we say yay vacation!  I know...we are weird...

Rather than doing classic mickey colors (don't want to get too burnt out on the red, white, and black) I went more vacation-y with a tropical tiki theme.  Which is perfect because I am a tiki NUT! 

Sorry if the pic isn't great - I took it with my phone.

Having a countdown calendar is fun but not so fun.  For some reason seeing the days up seems to make it go by so much slooowwwweerrrrr....  I like it better when I check online every few days and am pleasantly surprised that it is 5 days less than the last day I looked.

I hope you have something fun to count down to!

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