Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That's a lotta Clothes!

Right now I'm making our packing list for vacation.  It is 7 pages long.  OCD list making and obsessive packing make for one long, crazy packing list, I admit it. 

For vaction hubster got 4 new pairs of shorts, 4 new pairs of shoes, lots of new chonies and sleep t shirts ( you really don't need the number), 5 new polo shorts, 6 new tee shirts, and 5 new button down shirts.

I got 3 new pairs of spanx (huzza!), new dainties (what we call panties/bras around here), 3 new pairs of shoes, 6 new dresses, 8 new shirts, and 4 new pairs of shorts. 

We are gone for 8 nights.  We may be over packing.  Or I may have over shopped....

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