Thursday, July 15, 2010


While doing my daily blog hopping to find fabulous crafting ideas, I ran across this blog with the super wonderful craft of....a KNIT BIKINI! Now this scares me for several reasons. 1) Even if I was as teeny tiny as that girl I STILL would not be wearing a bikini that small 2) Not only is the bikini teeny tiny it is full of holes (I know, DUH, it's knit...) 3) I would never wear a teeny tiny bikini, full of holes that *I* actually made. I've done enough knitting to know I would be breaking a lot of decency laws.

W saw the knit bikini. He said "that's a cute bikini, it would look good on you."

Insert eye roll here.


  1. I wouldn't wear that even if I had the same bod that girl in the pic wearing it had .... I am totally self conscious .... I wouldn't be caught in that thing. Which is why if I ever loose a bunch of weight I might never get into a bikini.

    And wouldn't that knitting fray or loosen in the water ... that is what I would worry about. LOL !!

  2. Yeah i have to agree that this scares me no end!!! I doubt you could wear it in the water cuz it would just get heavy and fall off. Although I'm sure my Nan told me that this is what they used to wear "back in the day".

    Anyway, I don't know why i'm over thinking this but your post made me laugh!!!