Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thuck, thuck, thuck!

In case you didn't know, A Christmas Story is one of my favorite movies EVER! And my favorite line is poor Flick with his tongue stuck to the flagpole yelling "Thuck, Thuck, Thuck!!"

That is totally what I feel like right now. I had a very interesting job offer that I am totally 'thuck' trying to figure out if I want to take or not. Pros: it's in the field I want to move into so I'd get some good experience, it would be a fairly easy transition as I'm familiar with all of the key players, it's a full time position that will pay at least what I make now which is good because I am currenly only 20 hours a week and unemployment is looming. Cons: the commute SUCKS (seriously, I should add a bad word in front of sucks to really describe the suckitude accurately), I'm not sure I completely trust the person I would be working for.

Thoughts? Need more details?

Heellllpppp Meeeee.......

(Is it kosher to beg on your own blog? I think that's my question of the day!)

1 comment:

  1. If course it is okay to beg on your own blog. LOL !!!!! Okay, weighing the pro's and con's ... sometimes the con's have to take a back seat to bring back into light the big picture. It is IN your desired field .... full time paying what you make now .... things like a commute are sometimes the things we have to overlook to get ahead of the game. And your only other option is unemployment .... throw whatever bad words in front of that commute that you want. In this day and age ... and economy, any job (sucky commute or not) is a job nonetheless.

    Make that commute time your time ... I always did that when I was stuck in traffic for 40 minutes coming home from a job. That was my quiet time. Yes, I looked like a fool singing to myself as other cars drifted slowly by me ... but that was MY TIME, I made the best of it.

    Crank up some good tunes on the ipod, think about your day and the days ahead ... that will give you time to just take a breather and plan. Make the best of a bad situation.

    I say go for it !!!