Sunday, July 11, 2010

Since I know no one is actually reading this, I am going to congratulate myself on FINALLY making a post on this blog that I've had set up forever. Sort of losing my job has given me some time to figure out new ways to spend my time, hopefully by doing things that make me a better person. This week I started using Mango languages to learn (or relearn after 6 years of high school classes) Spanish. I'm working on lesson 5 Ha! And getting into my blog and making a resolution to post on it even if no one actually reads it. While in actuality they were tiny things, I learned two new tricks in Adobe CS3 that will make my digital scrapping/designing much easier. They were both DUH! moments and things I should have known earlier, but no matter, I know them now.

Anyway, first blog post - done. Yay me!

1 comment:

  1. I'm reading !!!! :)

    You'll have at least one follower (fan) .... lol !!!!

    Sometimes it is nice to just have a place to vent ... even if no one is listening. ;)