Thursday, July 29, 2010

I said I will, so I have to!

I love to craft, I really do. Sometimes it is more fun to get ideas for crafting than it actually is to do it though. Seems like I get so into the thinking and shopping and planning that by the time it actually comes down to the making, I'm pooped!

With that in mind, I am telling you guys that by the 12th I will have two Disney related craft items with tutorials up. Possibly a 3rd item if I can find the main supply cheap. Now I have to do these crafts, right? Yes, because I told you guys I was going to do it!

Tonight I really need to work on hubby's gift for this weekend. It isn't anything too big, kinda silly really..but I know he will like it. Since the budget is tight and we aren't able to go anywhere or spend much money I am planning a fun weekend at home that I hope he will like!

Just remembered I need to work on thank you's for all of my wonderful birthday gifts too! ACkkkk!

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